About Home Lighting

Industry experts, Kate&Sam, launch a digital lighting design service. Improve your lighting in one room, garden or whole house.

25 Years of Lighting Design

Kate&Sam have been designing lighting solutions for global brands, prestigious venues and international organisations for over 25 years. Close collaborations with renowned interior designers and architects have resulted in projects ranging from single rooms to entire estates.

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Our Origins in Lighting Design

As a small, independent consultancy, Kate&Sam are able to focus in on small projects and upscale for large installations and multiple locations. They are celebrating twenty years since illuminating the Tate Modern on launch night – since then they’ve grown in experience and knowledge, working with many high profile clients.

Image courtesy of Adare Manor Hotel

Exploring Different Lighting Solutions

Good lighting can improve every aspect of your home environment, from restful bedrooms, to practical work spaces. Kate&Sam would like to share their extensive knowledge and expertise with individuals and families who need professional advice and inspiration.

Creating Home Lighting Ideas

With so many of us spending more time at home, it’s important to invest in the spaces we live in. Kate&Sam wanted to offer an affordable design service, tailored to you and everything you want to achieve for your home life. Sympathetic lighting is well documented to improve our sense of wellbeing, let them help you use it to best effect.

A little home lighting inspiration

Looking for home inspiration?

Kate&Sam have transformed so many spaces over their twenty five year career, they know what works and what doesn’t! There are so many possibilities – some you might never have even thought of! Whatever style your home embodies, they can design a lighting scheme to enhance it. Modern and sleek, traditional or eclectic – good lighting will upgrade it.

Image courtesy of Adare Manor Hotel

Our Approach

Working with Kate&Sam is a personalised and two way process. Their extensive industry knowledge is at your disposal to inform, inspire and support your lighting design needs.

Whether you are preparing for a large build or renovation, single room or garden, Kate&Sam will draw on their creativity and technical capabilities to help you achieve the desired effect. Their research will be supported by the latest design innovations, with a focus on function and improving overall wellbeing. If you don’t know what you want yet, an hour long workshop is the perfect way to crystalise your ideas.

This small, independent consultancy have an impressive portfolio which spans twenty five years and a range of architectural, commercial, installation, live performance and residential projects. Past clients include Tate Modern, Adare Manor, Wahaca restaurants, Bonhams, Llanelli House, The Langham, private residences, estates and gardens all over the world. Collaboration is a key element of their success, working closely with acclaimed architects, design teams and directors.

Their aim is to bring fresh ideas to projects both large and small with a creative approach, delivering original design. They are delighted to offer this service in a convenient and affordable package, providing specialist knowledge directly to individuals. More than ever, our interior spaces must perform multiple roles by day and night; light can be harnessed as a tool for zoning.

Meet Kate and Sam

Sam Neuman

Having made a career in architectural lighting design, Sam has worked alongside a number of leading practices from Imagination to NDYLight, WSP and more. Sam is an active member of the lighting community and regularly presents lectures and publishes articles around his areas of expertise.

Kate Wilkins

Kate has worked on a number of lighting projects for a wide variety of live performance, architectural and artistic lighting designs since 1991. Fascinated by the way lighting can change our moods, Kate also loves to explore human behaviour with experimental lighting projects.

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