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Kitchens, more than ever, are at the centre of our homes and everyday lives. They are one of the most heavily used spaces in the house and kitchen design is a critical feature of any home, one that deserves professional attention. Get it right, and you will enjoy this room every single day!
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As a multi-purpose space used for family dining, homework and evening entertaining, your lighting scheme should seamlessly transition from day to night, carefully obscuring or highlighting particular zones. The best way to embark on a kitchen lightingdesign scheme is to book an online consultation and explore all your options – it will be the best investment you ever make.

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Designing a new kitchen is one of the biggest investments you will make in your home. Your kitchen lighting design deserves the attention of a professional designer with technical expertise and creativity – working with Kate&Sam in the early stages of planning will be critical to the success of the project.

Modern kitchens act as a cooking facility, dining room, living room, study and playroom – the multi functionality of this space means it tolerates the highest traffic of your entire property. Added to this, every home is unique with very personal preferences and requirements.

The only way to shift the different functions of your kitchen from day to night is through lighting. Kitchen lighting needs to be flexible, atmospheric and reliable. What kind of kitchen ceiling lights do we need? How do we achieve a sense of space? What kind of lighting do we need for which function? All of these questions can be resolved in your online lighting design consultation.

Think about separate circuits to give you flexibility for particular areas. For example, a central island can be lit by recessed downlights during the daytime and turned off completely at night to obscure it. Good lighting onto worktops is essential for fine chopping and can be successfully achieved by under cupboard lighting, reducing glare and shadows. LED lamps, drivers and dimmers should all function together effectively offering you the full dimming range.
The classic grid of downlights is no longer fashionable and there are other creative ways to flood an area with bright light such as the use of directional spotlights. Create a wash of light across your floor, the illusion of floating cabinets or a greater sense of space with new the help of Kate & Sam. Clusters of low watt LED downlights in certain areas are ideal for kitchen lighting, bouncing a softer and diffused light off cupboard doors.

If time or budget doesn’t allow for re-wiring, use an existing electric position and install a simple hook to hang the cable from and position the light wherever you need it. Kate&Sam will foremost consider practicality in the kitchen environment, illuminating cupboards to see their contents alongside well lit storage solutions. Clever lighting can also be used to help through flow, navigating visitors, dogs and children through the space.

Meet Kate and Sam

Sam Neuman

Having made a career in architectural lighting design, Sam has worked alongside a number of leading practices from Imagination to NDYLight, WSP and more. Sam is an active member of the lighting community and regularly presents lectures and publishes articles around his areas of expertise.

Sam has worked with several leading practices and has dedicated his career to architectural lighting design. He is active within the lighting design community by presenting lectures and publishing articles.

Kate Wilkins

Kate has worked on a number of lighting projects for a wide variety of live performance, architectural and artistic lighting designs since 1991. Fascinated by the way lighting can change our moods, Kate also loves to explore human behaviour with experimental lighting projects.

Kate is particularly fascinated by the mood altering effects of light and the deep connection to our senses. She is currently researching sleep patterns and optimising bedroom environments for both adults and children.


How much lux do I need on my work top?

You need to ensure enough light so you don’t chop your fingers off! Recommended Lux levels for a kitchen work top is approximately 300 lux illumination, but for task areas for chopping and cutting the levels are increased to around 500 lux. Its also worth noting that as you get older more light is needed.

Should I use daylight lamps in my kitchen?

Daylight 4000K/5000K light looks modern and clean during the daylight hours but in the evenings when a softer lower mood is nicer daylight lamps can feel harsh and un-natural. You need to think about layering and different components to make up your scheme.

Does kitchen lighting need to be fire rated downlights?

Your architect/installer/local building control department should be able to advise if your new lighting installation needs be fire-rated. Not all integrated lighting is fire rated. There are a number of manufacturers who offer integral fire rated lighting solutions, alternatively lights can be installed into fire rated enclosures or fitted with fire rated accessories.

What is the best colour of light in the kitchen?

The primary consideration is the colour rendering of the light source. The better the colour rendering the better the room and colours in the room will appear. To choose the best colour temperature of light you need to figure out all the different ways and times the kitchen will be used. Cooler coloured light looks better during the day and warmer light work better in the after dark. Quite often a considered mix of colour temperatures and layered lighting solution delivers the best results.

How often will I have to change the lamp?

Old fashioned energy hungry filament and halogen lamps lasted between 1000hrs and 2000 hrs. A modern good quality retrofit LED lamp can last up to 25,000 hrs. Assuming 8 hours a day then the LED lamp would not need changing for 8.5 years! All being well you’ll be able to leave that ladder in the cupboard for many years.

Will you visit site if I need you?

Contact us directly if you’d like to arrange a site visit.

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“I have worked with Kate and Sam on a few projects now. They have been involved in the lighting design from the outset. Their response was always personal, creative and imaginative with options to develop and choose from. They were always available, delivered to the project timescales and I have no hesitation in recommending their services”

Bryn G

“Kate totally got what we were trying to do and worked really quickly to provide the information we (and our electrician!) needed. Kate is clearly very talented and experienced, she was recommended to me and I would have no hesitation recommending her to anyone else.”

Vicky C

“The ability to call Kate and Sam (all online) made all the difference - they answered all the questions we had insightfully and helpfully - we learned key things like CRI values and the right colours temperatures and exactly which sort of lights we should aim to get.”

Peter W

“Excellent, practical advice that was simple and affordable to implement.”


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