Room Lighting

We believe home lighting has the power to completely change the way we think, feel, behave and live. Find out how each and every room in your home can be used to craft the perfect environment for you. And every photo on this site is one of our past projects.

Good lighting can improve every aspect of your home environment, from restful bedrooms, to practical work spaces. More than ever, our interior spaces must perform multiple roles by day and night; light can be harnessed as a tool for zoning. Kate&Sam would like to share their extensive knowledge and expertise with individuals and families who need professional advice and inspiration.

Kitchen lighting

Kitchens, more than ever, are at the centre of our homes and everyday lives. They are one of the most heavily used spaces in the house and kitchen lighting design is a critical feature of any home, one that deserves professional attention. Get it right, and you will enjoy this room every single day!

As a multi-purpose space used for family dining, homework and evening entertaining, your lighting scheme should seamlessly transition from day to night, carefully obscuring or highlighting particular zones. The best way to embark on a kitchen lighting design scheme is to book an online consultation and explore all your options – it will be the best investment you ever make!

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Bedroom Lighting

Never has there been a more important time to ensure a good nights sleep. Bedrooms provide a sanctuary and escape from our busy lives and lighting can play a huge part in creating a restful environment. Kate&Sam are particularly interested in the mood altering effects of light and the deep connection to our senses. Work with them to design a bespoke bedroom lighting scheme to suit your needs.

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Living Room Lighting

Living Rooms, if designed correctly, can cater to a variety of different activities and age groups. By day it is a busy communal space used for work, play and enjoyment; by night the focus turns to adult entertaining, cinema screenings or quiet contemplation. Every element is considered in the course of your lighting design consultation, from the practicalities of avoiding screen glare, choosing decorative lighting and illuminating precious artworks.

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Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom lighting design is often overlooked. It’s an important space in our home in terms of function, privacy and escape. With expert bathroom lighting, you will want to spend time pampering, restoring and relaxing in the bath. Kate&Sam’s extensive experience of hotel bathroom lighting can be used to maximum effect in residential schemes ~ treat yourself to a luxury bathroom experience with professional advice.

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Garden Lighting

If you love your garden and have invested time and money into planting, it deserves to be beautifully lit. Gardens are now seen as extensions of our homes, or ‘outdoor rooms’ leading directly from a kitchen or conservatory. Clever garden lighting can create pathways, highlight architectural features, exotic plants or water fountains. Without it, your beautiful garden will only be enjoyed during daylight hours. Work with Kate&Sam to maximise the pleasure of your outdoor space. You can invite your garden designer or landscape architect to join the video consultancy workshop for a completely collaborative experience.

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Meet Kate and Sam

Sam Neuman

Having made a career in architectural lighting design, Sam has worked alongside a number of leading practices from Imagination to NDYLight, WSP and more. Sam is an active member of the lighting community and regularly presents lectures and publishes articles around his areas of expertise.

Kate Wilkins

Kate has worked on a number of lighting projects for a wide variety of live performance, architectural and artistic lighting designs since 1991. Fascinated by the way lighting can change our moods, Kate also loves to explore human behaviour with experimental lighting projects.

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Book your online workshop in a few easy steps. Invest in your home, save time and money by working with industry experts. This consultancy have designed for Adare Manor, voted Best Hotel in the World – now they can share their design inspiration with you.

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1. Booking an online Session

Book your virtual workshop in a few short steps. Using Google Calendar, choose the next available time slot and synchronise with your personal calendar.

Attach any accompanying documents, mood boards, drawings and ideas about your project. How would you like to feel in your new space? You will be sent a reminder prior to the workshop.

2. Video Call with Kate&Sam

Via video call, Kate and Sam will answer all your questions, sketch up a workable design and inspire you with mood boards, using all the information you have supplied. Specific technical questions can be resolved and a product shopping list suggested. Invite your designer or architect to join in and lead the session with your design goals in mind.

3. Lighting Ideas, Inspiration & Insight

Your workshop will be followed up with information, sketches and documentation that explore the areas you have been discussing. This element of the consultation is completely bespoke to the client - only relevant aspects of the lighting design issues that have been raised will be annotated and emailed to you. If required, sketches can be produced which will be suitable for briefing an architect or electrician but these are not technical drawings.

4. Further Advice & Guidance

If further help or another room is needed simply book another workshop, or there is an option of order a draft lighting plan and lighting shopping list.

Collaboration Ina Rinderknecht

“I have worked with Kate and Sam on a few projects now. They have been involved in the lighting design from the outset. Their response was always personal, creative and imaginative with options to develop and choose from. They were always available, delivered to the project timescales and I have no hesitation in recommending their services”

Bryn G

“Excellent, practical advice that was simple and affordable to implement.”


“The ability to call Kate and Sam (all online) made all the difference - they answered all the questions we had insightfully and helpfully - we learned key things like CRI values and the right colours temperatures and exactly which sort of lights we should aim to get.”

Peter W

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